Miroslav Glavić

Miroslav Glavić

Digital Media Producer, Journalist, and Podcaster

Ethnicity: Croatian-Peruvian living in Canada

Phone: +1 (647) 424-3225

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I blog at lukapakla.com.

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Disclosure: As an individual, I volunteered at elections and was a member of political parties, ending my memberships in 2015 and ceasing volunteer work since 2018. I am open to being hired by any political party or candidate, while not working for others during a specific election; however, I am not exclusive to any party or candidate in subsequent elections. I am not a member of a union and do not support unions. I am a Roman Catholic with a Croatian and Peruvian parentage. I speak English and Spanish, with rusty Croatian and no French since age 16. I run the hosting company and domain registrar for my domains, FMGIC, managing the website from Toronto, Canada, with servers based in Pori, Finland.