Opinion: Ezra Levant and The Rebel Media

This will be my only political post on this site so I am only going to say this one time and only one time. I will no longer comment on social media about this topic. If any of you continue to badger me, I will block you. I am not censoring you. You have a right to speech, you don’t have a right to an audience. I don’t have to listen to you or read your bullshit. So here it goes…

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Going to WordCamp Toronto 2017 #WCTO

I got my first domain on March 24, 2005. I used HTML to do my website. I discovered WordPress on July 2006. I installed WordPress 2.0. I never went back. It’s running WordPress 4.8.1 right now, in case you are wondering. I have been attending WordCamp Toronto since the very first one at Centennial College. I missed one year due to being in Croatia for vacation. I have been volunteering since year 2. Except that one year. This year I am part of WordCamp Toronto’s Social Media Team. I attend…

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