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My 18-Year Odyssey in the Digital Realm: Miroslav Glavić’s Domain Journey


Embarking on an 18-year journey through the dynamic landscape of the internet, my digital presence has been defined by the choices I made in domain registration. This article delves into the narrative, unravelling the decisions, transitions, and the crucial role of safeguarding my online brand.

The Genesis of Domains

It all began on March 24, 2005, when I registered my first domain – This date marks the birth of my primary digital residence, a virtual canvas that has evolved over the years. Uncertain of the trajectory, I also registered on the same day, ensuring a dual presence in the Canadian and global online spaces.

Evolution of Content Hosting

In the early years, housed the content, with as a redirect. At some point, roles reversed, and the content found its home on, while gracefully redirected to the .com counterpart. This transition showcased adaptability and an understanding of the dynamic nature of online presence.

Strategic Expansion and Brand Protection

The subsequent chapters of my digital journey introduce and, both registered on December 28, 2011. These domains, primarily serving as redirects, played a pivotal role in brand protection. I understood the importance of securing my brand across different top-level domains, shielding it from potential misuse and confusion.

Pronouncing Miroslav Glavić

Before delving into the later chapters of my journey, let’s address the unique pronunciation of my name. With the provided accent in Canadian English, my name is pronounced as “Mee-roh-slav Glah-vich.” The accent on the “c” gives it the “ch” sound, adding a distinctive touch to the name’s resonance.

A New Chapter of

With time passing and an ever-watchful eye on brand protection, I introduced a new set of domains. On October 20, 2015, joined the digital family, redirecting visitors to The journey continued on February 11, 2022, with the registrations of and Following the same pattern, became part of the ensemble, registered on the same day.

Unity in Redirection

The new trio –,, and – all gracefully redirect visitors to This intricate redirection dance ensures a seamless experience for anyone exploring the various facets of my online presence, ultimately leading to the cornerstone,

The Essence of Protection

Reflecting on this 18-year ride, it becomes evident that my choices in domain registration were not arbitrary. Each decision, every twist in content hosting, and the strategic expansion were rooted in the protection of my brand. The philosophy was clear – secure the .com and its ccTLD equivalent. For me, rooted in Canada, the ccTLD of choice is .ca, a testament to my connection with the Canadian digital landscape.


My journey through the digital realm, chronicled by domain registrations, redirects, and strategic expansions, is a tale of adaptability, foresight, and brand protection. As the digital landscape evolves, my story serves as a guiding light for those navigating the complexities of establishing and safeguarding an online identity. The domains, each with its role and purpose, are not just web addresses; they are pillars supporting the resilient structure of my digital legacy.

Miroslav Glavić

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