Miroslav Glavić utilizes Rakuten, formerly Linkshare, for rotating banners—728×90 at the top and 300×250 on the sidebar. These banners are randomly rotated and are not targeted.

4 weeks ago Miroslav Glavić stopped his newsletter.

Visitors are not required to register for an account to comment on posts.

WordPress automatically collects IP addresses of commenters. Details about how long WordPress retains these IP addresses can be found in its privacy policy. Miroslav Glavić utilizes these addresses solely to maintain the website, banning individuals who violate rules.

While commenters are prompted to provide a name and email address with their comments, the email address remains unpublished. There is no verification process for the authenticity of these details.

Miroslav Glavić reserves the right to implement future verification procedures or require commenters to register and log in, potentially using their real names. In the event of such a requirement, the name used by trans individuals will be honoured if they do not identify with their legal name.

Under no circumstances does Miroslav Glavić sell, rent, lend, or share user information. However, if legally compelled, Miroslav Glavić may comply with law enforcement requests, though the majority of such requests are typically declined.

Rest assured, Miroslav Glavić values user privacy and does not prioritize personal information.

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