• Website Operator: Miroslav Glavić is the operator of and manages the website independently without the involvement of a company entity. The website is primarily managed from Toronto, Canada, with occasional administration from various locations. Hosting is provided by a server located in Pori, Finland, while the domain registrar and hosting services are overseen by fmgic, managed by Miroslav Glavić.
  • Contact Information: Users can contact Miroslav Glavić via the website’s contact form at or through the provided phone number: 1 (647) 424-3225.
  • Legal Jurisdiction: The website operates under the hosting jurisdiction of Finland, a member of the European Union, while being managed from Canada. Any potential legal matters or disputes are subject to resolution within Canada.
  • Domain Registration: Domains are registered across multiple platforms, including fmgic, namesilo, and porkbun. Plans are underway to consolidate domains registered with namesilo and porkbun under fmgic in 2024.
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