1. Affiliate Links: This website utilizes affiliate links, including graphic banners and text links. These links generate commissions when visitors make purchases through them. Despite this, visitors incur no additional costs.
  2. Sponsored Content: Currently, the website does not feature any sponsored content. This ensures that the content’s tone remains unbiased and unaffected by external influences.
  3. Product Reviews: The website reserves the right to publish product and service reviews. Each review explicitly discloses how the product or service was obtained, whether through personal purchase or sponsorship.
  4. Transparency: The website prioritizes transparency and honesty in all its content and disclosures. Visitors can expect openness regarding any relationships or interests related to the content.
  5. Impartiality: All opinions expressed on the website are impartial and unbiased, regardless of any compensation or incentives received. This commitment ensures that visitors receive honest and impartial information.
  6. Independence: The website maintains independence from any brands or companies mentioned within its content. Content decisions are made solely based on merit and relevance, unaffected by potential financial interests.
  7. Consumer Protection Laws: Compliance with consumer protection laws and regulations, including those specific to Canada and the European Union, is paramount. This ensures the protection of visitors’ rights and interests.
  8. Full Disclosure: The website is committed to providing clear and conspicuous disclosure of any material connections or financial interests related to its content. Visitors can expect complete transparency regarding any affiliations or sponsorships.
  9. Editorial Control: The website retains full editorial control over all its content. Any instances where content may be influenced by external parties will be disclosed transparently.
  10. Privacy Policies: Compliance with privacy policies and regulations, including GDPR and PIPEDA, is ensured. This includes transparent explanations of data collection practices and measures to protect user privacy.
  11. Data Collection: Transparent disclosure of data collection practices, including the types of data collected and how it is used and protected. For instance, IP addresses are collected for website security by WordPress CMS.
  12. Cookies: Explanation of the website’s use of cookies and information on how users can manage their cookie preferences. Users are informed about the purpose of cookies and how they can control or delete them through browser settings.
  13. Adherence to Guidelines: Adherence to applicable guidelines or standards set by industry organizations or regulatory bodies ensures the website’s integrity and reliability.
  14. User Consent: Explicit user consent is obtained before collecting any personal information or using cookies for tracking purposes. By engaging with the website, users acknowledge and consent to these practices.
  15. Age Restrictions: Users must be 18 or older to engage with the website. Any users under the age of 18 are prohibited from commenting or providing personal information without parental consent. Violations may result in the removal of comments or potential bans.
  16. Terms of Use: Users agree to abide by all policy pages when accessing the website. Non-compliance may result in restricted access to certain features or content.
  17. Copyright: The website asserts ownership of copyright for original content and prohibits unauthorized use or reproduction without explicit permission.
  18. Attribution: Proper attribution is provided for any third-party content, images, or resources used on the website. This ensures transparency and respect for intellectual property rights.
  19. Accuracy of Information: The website ensures the accuracy and reliability of information presented. Any errors or inaccuracies are promptly corrected to maintain the integrity of the content.
  20. Updates to Disclosure: The website reserves the right to update or change the disclosure policy at any time without prior notice. Visitors are encouraged to review the policy periodically for any updates.
  21. Last Updated: The disclosure policy is last updated on May 09, 2024. This date serves as a reference point for visitors to ascertain the currency of the policy.
  22. Contact Information: Visitors are encouraged to reach out with questions or concerns about the disclosure policy or website content. Contact information is available via the contact form at https://miroslavglavic.com/contact.
  23. Compliance with Laws: The website reaffirms its commitment to compliance with all relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. This includes adherence to Canadian, European Union, and international laws governing online activities.
  24. Ethical Standards: Adherence to ethical standards and guidelines for online content creation and disclosure is paramount. The website upholds principles of honesty, integrity, and fairness in all its interactions.
  25. User Rights: The website respects user rights to privacy, transparency, and fair treatment. Visitors can expect to be treated ethically and with respect in all interactions and transactions on the website.
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