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Blogmas Day 1: Unveiling the Multifaceted Me: A Croatian-Peruvian’s Journey in Canada

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Greetings, dear readers! As the frosty winds paint the world in snowy hues, I embark on this Blogmas journey with a heart brimming with tales and experiences.

Allow me to introduce myself: I am Miroslav Glavić, welcomed into this world 45 years ago on September 1, 1978. My upbringing was a tapestry woven with diverse cultures. For 11 years Perú was home, while Canada has embraced me for 33 years.

What makes me uniquely me? I carry the proud heritage of both Croatia and Peru. My childhood was a colourful blend of Croatian traditions and Peruvian customs, each influencing my worldview and shaping my identity. Hrvatski, Croatia, or Croate for Croatian, and Peruanski, Peruano, or Péruvien for Peruvian—terms that encapsulate the essence of my dual cultural heritage, where alphabets neatly place C or H before P in any of the four languages.

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Hence, I identify as Croatian-Peruvian, a fusion of two vibrant cultures thriving in the welcoming embrace of Canada/Ja sam Hrvatsko-Peruanski koji živi u Kanadi/Soy croata-peruano que vive en Canadá/Je suis croato-péruvien vivant au Canada.

Canada, with its vast landscapes and warm-hearted people, has been my haven for 33 years since April 18, 1990. It’s here that I’ve embraced the ethos of multiculturalism, living among individuals from diverse backgrounds, enriching my worldview, and strengthening my bonds with the world.

Languages serve as my gateway to connection. English and Spanish resonate deeply within me, the former polished through everyday communication, the latter echoing the warmth of my Peruvian heritage. However, my Croatian language skills have gathered rust over the years, a tongue that once flowed effortlessly in familial conversations. French, unspoken for 29 years since my Grade 10 class, is a long-forgotten melody, yet memories of its lyrical cadence linger.

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Travelling is my passion; it’s the voyage that fuels my soul. The rhythmic sway of a train across scenic landscapes or the anticipation of discoveries on a bus journey—both invoke a sense of adventure. Yet, in a hypothetical scenario between a Train and a ferry, there exists no competition; both hold equal allure, offering unique experiences tethered to different realms of exploration.

Home for me resides in the bustling streets of Lima, where the vibrant energy of South America thrives, and in the ancient charm of Dubrovnik, steeped in the history and allure of Eastern Europe. These two places, though distinct, hold equal weight in defining my sense of belonging.

When it comes to beaches, my heart sways toward the embrace of sandy shores. There’s an inexplicable serenity in the gentle lapping of waves against a sandy expanse, a tranquillity that speaks to my soul.

Join me on this Blogmas venture as I unfurl tech insights, reflections on cultural intersections, and a sprinkle of holiday spirit! Together, let’s embark on a journey where technology meets tradition, and where the yuletide cheer amplifies our connection.

Miroslav Glavić

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