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About Miroslav Glavić

Taken 1 month ago at a grocery store

At the age of 45, I am Miroslav Glavić, a Croatian-Peruvian living in Canada. Arriving 33 years ago on April 18, 1990, I have embraced diverse linguistic influences, fluent in English and Castellano. My Croatian, though once practiced, has become rusty, and French, not spoken in 29 years, lingers as a nostalgic memory.

Playfully embracing the title of Chief Miroslav Officer over the conventional Chief Executive Officer, I convey a commitment to collaboration and inclusivity. This choice reflects my diverse background and dedication to excellence.

Embark on a unique digital journey with me through my blog and social platforms, where Canadian, Croatian, and Peruvian influences converge. Join me in a world of innovation, storytelling, and genuine interactions, shaped by two decades of navigating the digital landscape.

At the core of my identity lies an insatiable curiosity and dedication to lifelong learning. While fluency in English and Castellano serves as a powerful means of expression, the absence of French for 29 years is a reminder of unexplored paths.

This transformative shift is not just about titles; it signifies a holistic commitment to collaborative success. Explore diverse perspectives, technological insights, and cultural explorations as we embark on this vibrant digital odyssey together.

Setting the foundation for this journey, I registered my domain 18 years ago, intertwining Canadian, Croatian, and Peruvian influences.

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