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Comments Policy

All comments on my website undergo moderation. If there is a concern about censorship, it is more likely a result of an unexpected coffee addition than deliberate interference. The ultimate decision on comments rests with me.

Given that the website is hosted on a server located in Pori, Finland, a member state of the European Union, and managed from Canada, I observe adherence to Finnish, European Union, and Canadian laws regarding hate speech. Comments supporting terrorist groups, as defined by these laws, are prohibited. Furthermore, comments that contain hate speech, including those targeting various identities like homophobic, transphobic, or xenophobic remarks, are not permitted. Any comments reflecting hate based on religion, immigration status, language, sexuality, gender, etc., are also prohibited.

It is important to understand that the concept of censorship is a matter between the individual and their respective government. This website operates under private ownership and abides by specific rules akin to those in a private residence. Just as one would not engage in inappropriate behaviour within someone else’s home, similar decorum is expected here.

When leaving a comment, visitors are required to include their name, email address, and the comment itself. While providing a real name and email is not mandatory, some form of identification is necessary. The website automatically gathers IP addresses through WordPress. Including a valid email address can facilitate notifications for replies to your comments.

Should any comment violate this policy, there is a dedicated ‘report comment’ button accompanying each comment for easy reporting. While efforts are made to maintain a clean comment section, occasional oversights may occur, for which I extend my apologies.

The principle of free speech is highly valued, yet it is important to recognize its boundaries. While individuals are entitled to express opinions and critique others, they should expect reciprocal critique in return. Additionally, in cases of flame wars or heated conflicts, all participants involved, including the instigator and those adding fuel to the fire, will be removed from the discussion for the sake of maintaining a respectful environment.

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