Why I am against free domains with hosting.

Why I am against free domains with hosting.

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I know that there are so many hosting companies offering a free domain with their hosting packages. I do not offer that at I Want To Host Your Website whatsoever. I will NEVER offer a free domain. Want to know why?

First of all…a lot of those other companies will offer you a free domain but only for the first year. It is hidden in the Terms of Services that you agree when you purchase their hosting package. I know you didn’t read that TOS. Who really owns the domain? Many companies will register under their name. They will just jack up the price of hosting, SSL certificates or even private registration. They will get your money one way or the other.

I am very honest on the prices I put up. I price things so they are sustainable to me and you get a great deal. Nothing you get offered online is really free. Also, what if you want a funky TLD1? Most of those free domain offers are limited to a .com, .org or .net.

Cheapest domain I provide as of February 13 is a .we.bs for $8CAD2. Most expensive is .com.mx at $125CAD3.

I still have a cost to those TLD registries. Every hosting company has that cost. So I have to raise the prices for hosting, ID Protection or SSL certificates. Maybe even all.

The cost of .we.bs is much easier to absorb than the cost of a .com.mx domain. I still have bills to pay. So all those ultra cheap companies, they will take it out somewhere. Their servers will be crappy because they have to pay the costs of those servers.

Let’s say it costs $500 a month per server… So let’s say I have 10 clients, each pays $50 a month in this situation. What if I have 100 clients, they each pay $5.00 a month. No matter how many clients I have, the server costs will be $500 a month. What if I stuff 1,000 clients in that one server. Splitting $500 a month into 1,000 clients is 50¢ each that I would have to charge them to cover costs. So now I have to add some kind of profit. So let’s say with only 10 clients, I’d charge $75, this would mean each I’d get $25. But wait…Paypal has their own fees. I have to consider that Paypal fee too.

So the cheaper prices are, the more people I have to allow in a server. I have to compensate for each of those free domains.

In the situation above, that server is going to cost me $500 a month, no matter if I have one client or 10,000. I still have to pay $500 a month. In reality, I am paying for that server for a full year so $6,000.

The more costs I have, the higher I have to raise prices, or I can do $1.99 a month for shared hosting and stuff 50,000 accounts/clients in that server, all with free domains. The more people are using a server, the slower it can get.

So you have to think about this when you purchase any kind of hosting and domain. By the way, no company will let you have a free domain unless you also get hosting from them.

Don’t go with those something for free providers. How will they have the money to upgrade servers down the line if they don’t make as much money. It will take them longer, if they even bother.