Privacy Policy for Miroslav Glavić’s Blog

At, one of my main priorities is your privacy of our visitors. This Privacy Policy document contains types of information that is collected and recorded by and how I use it.

What I record about you

Every time you make a comment to one of my posts, I will record your IP address & e-mail address you provide. The IP address is provided automatically.

Google Analytics

I use Google Analytics to track information about visitors. It will provide me with non-identifiable information which includes your browser, the operating system you are using. your IP address and what location you are visiting from.

When it comes to location, I only know City and Country. This helps me out to see which languages my visitors (including you) might speak. In the future I could have posts in more than just English. I will at no time know your exact location.

Knowing what operating system and browser you are using helps me out with the website so it is made available for whatever browser you use. Each browser interprets things slightly differently.

Your e-mail address

If you choose to register on my website to comment, I will get your e-mail address. At no time will I send you e-mail. The only e-mails you will get is if you request to reset your password and in emergency situations.

Third Parties

Unless you provide me written permission, I will not give out any personal information without a warrant from a judge in Canada. I rarely recognize warrants from any other jurisdiction. Anything you post in the comment section does not count for this Third Parties policy.