Opinion: Ezra Levant and The Rebel Media

This will be my only political post on this site so I am only going to say this one time and only one time. I will no longer comment on social media about this topic. If any of you continue to badger me, I will block you. I am not censoring you. You have a right to speech, you don’t have a right to an audience. I don’t have to listen to you or read your bullshit. So here it goes…

I am sure Ezra Levent & The Rebel Media will block me on twitter after this…I ordered Sun News Network on April 18, 2011 and watched daily until February 13, 2015. In fact I was watching when it went off air with co-workers. I took filled 33 shot glasses with some good Croatian Rakja, stoop up, glasses up and “Živili”.

When The Rebel Media started a day later, I started reading their articles and watching the Youtube channel.

It might surprise many of you but I have never been a member of either the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario or Conservative Party of Canada. For transparency purposes, I was a member of the Ontario Liberal Party & Liberal Party of Canada for 2 years. After that I never renewed because I found it stupid to be charged $10 for each membership every year. In fact, I have voted and helped in Liberal campaigns. I helped the candidate, not the party.

If a non-Liberal candidate comes to me and asks me for a donation, I will say no. The only political donation I have ever made was to Rob Ford. If a non-Liberal candidate asks me to volunteer for his/her campaign, I will give that candidate a chance, we go for lunch then I spend up to a week deciding.

I believe that everyone’s opinions should be heard. Not just the huge biased views of garbage media like Toronto Star, NOW, Torontoist and so forth. I am opened to read and listen to all points of views, even the stupid ones. In fact, I read on the way to work METRO and 24hrs while taking my long public transit ride home.

However, The Rebel Media (TRM) has gone a wee bit too far right for my tastes.

My three favourite personalities on TRM were Brian Lilley, David Menzies & Lauren Southern.

I used to have you on that list but as more you were going way far right, the less I liked your videos.

Other TRM personalities, I couldn’t give a rodent’s rectum about. You are boring as shit and if you have a problem with this then those other TRM personalities can lick my rectum clean.

An example of something I do not like about you is your coverage of Alberta…For 44 years, the Conservatives ruled. Alberta has had 7 Conservative Premiers. The PCA got too cocky and the people of Alberta CHOSE Rachel Notley and the NDP. Teaching the PCA not to take voters for granted. Yet you did not cover that fairly. Obviously I think Notley is a complete moron. I apologize to all the morons in the universe.

You don’t give anyone that’s not Conservative a real chance. You hammered immigrants like there is no tomorrow. Do I think there are bad immigrants? Of course I do, however I am willing to give everyone that wants to come to Canada a chance.

Yes I know Ezra Levant is Conservative. I am not stupid. However you have gone the deep far-right end for a while now and you crossed a line that I am not comfortable with. Some of the crap Gavin McInnes has said, even if it’s for jokes #LOL, I found it totally distasteful.

I will at no time EVER go the NDP way. I would rather wake up in the morning completely naked, with an used condom up my ass and a naked Donald John Trump spooning me, with old wrinkled ding-a-ling saggy testicles touch my ass than vote or support the NDP. However I am willing to TALK. Something I don’t think you are willing to do.

If you ever come back to right-of-centre, I am willing to subscribe to your YouTube channel and follow you on twitter. I unfollowed you everywhere that I can think of. Feel free to move FAR FAR AWAY from the FAR RIGHT.

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