My Podcamp Toronto 2018 sessions

My Podcamp Toronto 2018 sessions

So it is that time of the year again…PodCamp Toronto 😁.

I have applied for 5 sessions. 3 of those were approved by the organizers, the last two were proposed on February 13, So I will have to wait to see if organizers approve the remaining 2.

The way PodCamp Toronto works:

  1. I submit a proposal
  2. Organizers approve session
  3. Attendees bookmark the sessions they wish to attend
  4. The weekend before, the session application option will close
  5. That weekend before the PCTO weekend, the wonderful and amazing organizers will put the sessions that got bookmarked the most into the official schedule
  6. On the Monday before the PCTO weekend, Schedule is published.
  7. You check if your proposals got bookmarked enough that they made it into the schedule. If you are an attendee you see if the sessions you bookmarked made it into the official schedule

I proposed 5 sessions.

How to deal with issues and crises in the Social Media era

This is a panel discussion on dealing with crises, emergency issues and the sort in the social media era. I have asked 3 of the most amazing communicators to join the panel1:

  • Anne Marie Aikins
    Manager, Strategic Communications
  • Brad Ross
    Executive Director of Corporate & Customer Communications
    Toronto Transit Commission
  • Paul Ainslie
    Councillor, Ward 43 Scarborough East
    City of Toronto

My hope is to have a discussion on how to deal with emergencies and crises in the social media era. How to inform the people, how to deal with informing people without social media accounts. How to deal with the negative aspects of social media and communications, also known as angry people, trolls and people like that.

How to get your message out for your cause

So you have some cause, more shelter beds, better public transit for Scarborough, etc…I will go through the better methods to whatever your cause is. ALL are welcome, no matter if you lean to the left, right or are a centrist.

What You need to start a podcast

This session has been a tradition for me now I guess. Everything from the equipment you should get, domains, hosting, how long your podcasts should be. Audio or Youtube? This is truly podcasting 101

How to market yourself for success against your competition

Thousands of people are doing podcasts and Vlogging on every topic you can think of, how to set yourself apart from those people and make money at it. After all things cost money.

How not to miserably fail at life, communicating and more

My Experiences with trying to bring change to the Toronto Police Service, also the experience with my local division: 43