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So what can I say? I am back with a new podcast and it’s called My Gigantic Cock Podcast. I had a podcast here but it only lasted for 3 months. I got a job offer with a big digital media company. I was asked if I wanted to Co-Host their podcast. Their podcast only had one host. I was co-host #2, three other co-hosts as well. It was going to be a lifestyle podcast. That podcast lasted two years, it was great money. Eleven days after the two year anniversary…that digital media company got bought out. The new owners did not like the show. So we all went our separate ways.

I have been working in radio and television for 20-ish years. I would say that majority of the time I was behind the scenes and when I was in front of the microphone or camera, that I was always a co-host. I discovered podcasting sometime on 2005. So I had side projects which included podcasting. On and Off.

I have loved it when I was in front of a camera, even if I only had five to ten minutes in front of the camera talking about technology.
I started writing for digital media for the past 7-ish years. I would if I were to get a job offer for CNET or TechCrunch.

So my last podcast of my own started 27 months ago and then 3 months later I quit to do that 2 year co-hosting of podcast thing above. Alas, , I got terminated by a bunch of soulless ass sucking cunts who had no vision and just wanted control of a brand, didn’t see a vision or spend any money. Guess what? If you want me to go interview the Peruvian President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, then you will have to approve my expenses to travel to Peru for a few days or a week, depending on the interview. Those new owners said that they would approve expenses, at the end they did not, so I didn’t do anything. I specifically told them that even if you want me to interview someone in Toronto. There would be an expense. However they did not want to pay for my trip to the interviewee, interview time, then trip back to your office. So you only wanted to pay me for an hour? What about a phone line for interviewees to call, at least that…no, too expensive. So they shut down the podcast and that is where I am. I took some time off from podcasting.

Now I am back.

Every podcast must have at least three things…

  1. Intro
    • This is where you introduce the show, welcome to bla bla bla podcast, my name is Miroslav.
  2. Content
    • The main content of the podcast
  3. Outro
    • The ending, mention to follow on all social media, sign up to the e-newsletter (if any) and go to the website

So that podcast that lasted for three months, I had an intro and outro. However it was mentioning this website. So I needed a new one. The only big differences between the intro/outro from before and now:

  • New intro/outro is 19 seconds longer than the original
  • Original Intro/outro were done by a male vocal artist, the new one is by a female artist
  • Original Intro/outro mentions and the new one mentions, which is the new podcast URL.

I did not want to keep it on here. I want you to listen to the new intro…

Here is the outro…

So what do you think of this intro and outro? Leave comments below.

I am going to focus on technology, including WordPress. The only thing I will not talk about is politics. That’s saved for a future podcast show which won’t come any time soon. Maybe in 2019.

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