I own a shitload of domains. I have 71 domains.

The break up of those domains are as following:

I have one each of these TLDs

  • .CITY
  • .DATE
  • .DOG
  • .EMAIL
  • .FAITH
  • .LINK
  • .LIVE
  • .LOL
  • .MEDIA
  • .SPACE
  • .TOP
  • .WORLD
  • .XYZ

I have two of the following TLDs:

  • .LIFE
  • .ME
  • .WIN

I have three .REVIEW domains

I have five of the following TLDs:

  • .NET
  • .ORG

I have nine .CA domains

I have twenty four .COM domains

Currently I am with two domain registrars I Want To Host Your Website1 2 and NameSilo.

45 of the domains are with I Want To Host Your Website and 26 are with NameSilo , 6 of those NameSilo domains will be transfered to I Want To Host Your Website in 2020.

46 of the domains have actual content and 25 are redirects3

The content of all 71 domains are divided into 6 types of content. 1 of them is obviously I Want To Host Your Website, another of the domains is using PHPBB, yet another domain is using Project Send. As you might be familiar, one of the sites uses YOURLS. The final two types of content is WordPress, 42 domains. The last 25 domains are redirects. 4.

I registered my first two domains on March 23, 2005.

miroslavglavic.com and miroslavglavic.ca were the first two domains I registered. I registered them on March 23, 2005. handlesmy.email is the last domain I registered, as of typing of this post. November 11, 2019.

I renew 2 domains on each month of January, February, April & June. On December I renew 3 domains. On October & November, I renew 5 domains in each month.March and September has 8 domains each up for renewal. May has me renewing 9 domains. July is the 2nd most amount of domains that I have to renew, 12. The month of August beats July for the most domains that I have to renew by 1. I renew 13 domains on August. If I were to average the 71 domains I own…it is 65 domains each month that I renew in average.

I spend $1,0236 a year in domain renewals7. The cheapest month is January, $23. The most expensive month is August and that takes $186 out of my wallet.

  • January
    • $23
  • February
    • $42
  • March
    • $108
  • April
    • $27
  • May
    • $110
  • June
    • $35
  • July
    • $166
  • August
    • $186
  • September
    • $115
  • October
    • $84
  • November
    • $77
  • December
    • $50

I originally started with Nebularis, I left them and went to HostMDS. I was with HostMDS for 12 years. The reason I left is because they only had basic choices for TLDs.

I used to have a hosting account ($100 USD a year) for each .com domain. When I moved to I Want To Host Your Website, I discovered about add-on domains. So my hosting went down to one hosting account.

I usually renew the domains for the month at the beginning of the month. So all domains that renew on December, I renew them on December 1. If there is a little amount of domains, I may renew some of the domains for the next month too.

I pay $108 for hosting. Again, I get discounts.

While with Nebularis, I was paying $40 per month. I went down to HostMDS’s $4.95 per month for 2 years advance. Currently with I Want To Host Your Website I pay one year for hosting. For domains I do one year renewal too. I could go for most, 10 years in advance but I don’t want to pay roughly $11,210 to renew all my domains and hosting for 10 years in advance.

I am not counting domains that I sold, are owned by someone else or that I let expire.

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