How I got a job riding UPX all day :-)

So I live in Scarborough. I was working for a company that moved it’s office from downtown Toronto to West Bend (Dundas Street West/Bloor Street West area). They held a conference at their downtown office. They would take a taxi from the airport which was $60+tax+tip, EACH WAY. However this year the conference was held in West Bend area, just south-ish of Junction neighbourhood, so the conference decision makers decide to include Airport-Conference transportation in ticket prices.

So there are two ways to go from Pearson International Airport to Dundas Street West/Bloor Street West area. Via the TTC’s 192 Airport Rocket and Line 2 to Dundas West or taking UPX to Bloor GO/UPX Station.

The problem was that when the 192 gets to Kipling Subway Staton, you have to carry your luggage down to the subway level, go to Dundas West, go up with your luggage, then walk to the conference.

These conference attendees were coming as far as Australia and Hong Kong. They would be tired.

So for the week long conference was taking place, I was escorting attendees from Pearson to Bloor UPX Stations. Their tickets included a Presto Card loaded with two one-way rides.

I would stand in front of the double doors for International Arrivals, take them up one level to the tunnel to the UPX station and hand them their conference badges and Presto card. Escort them to Bloor UPX Station, then to their accommodation. Repeat this 3-5 times, depending on the day. Yes I was the one holding the sign with their names.

The company paid for UPX trips. I took this job just to ride UPX as much as possible.

I could get on an UPX train at Bloor UPX Station, ride it to Pearson UPX Station, stay on the train going back to Bloor UPX, get out, walk across the platform and repeat the process ALL DAY. I still would not get tired.

I will do the same thing next year for the 2018 Conference and every year.

Dear companies that have locations on Weston, West Bend, Junction, Junction Triangle and Downtown…I am available for sign holding and escorting your VIPs downtown on UPX. I work for cheap, train rides. UPX is way cheaper than a taxi.

That week was a dream week. I can’t wait to do it again next year.