Going to WordCamp Toronto 2017 #WCTO

I got my first domain on March 24, 2005. I used HTML to do my website. I discovered WordPress on July 2006. I installed WordPress 2.0. I never went back. It’s running WordPress 4.8.1 right now, in case you are wondering.

I have been attending WordCamp Toronto since the very first one at Centennial College. I missed one year due to being in Croatia for vacation.

I have been volunteering since year 2. Except that one year.

This year I am part of WordCamp Toronto’s Social Media Team.

I attend conferences all over and I have this thing that I do my schedule weeks if not months in advance.

I do a “This would be my schedule if I wasn’t volunteering at WordCamp Toronto” type post. This being the one for 2017.

I looked at the schedule and I will tell you which sessions I would be attending if I was going as a regular attendee. This post is by no means an “attack” on sessions that I would not be attending. There is 2 or 3 that I am deciding which one to go because both are at the same time. I can’t be in two rooms at the same time. If I have some history with the speaker, I will mention that for sake of transparency.

Registration – For my readers that have never gone to WordCamp…

  1.  How come you have never gone to one?
  2. Here you go: WCTO Tickets

This part of most conferences is where where you sign in, get your badge, t-shirt and goodie bag. Sometimes it is called a swag bag which includes stuff from sponsors. I use this time to look around to see if I recognize anyone from previous years or other people. Get coffee too. I give you full permission to get me a coffee…Double Double.

Opening Remarks by Conrad Hall – He is the Lead Organizer for this year. Usually during Opening Remarks you will hear a welcome speech, about a few things throughout the day like lunch, after-party and so forth. Sometimes the Code of Conduct is mentioned.

Keynote by Paul Tobey – Well…this is the Keynote.

WP Will Change Your Life by Brian Rotsztein – I find the description of this to be very interesting. WordPress HAS changed my life.

Better Social Sharing Plugins by Christina Varro – I am going to be honest here, Social Sharing is my weakness. I need to learn how to do it a lot better hence why I would be attending this session. I don’t have a mailing list, I do technically speaking have one on mailchimp but I have not put it on here.

Ambassador Program / Lunch – The Ambassador program is something new this year. I am just going to talk about Lunch. Just so you know, I seriously DO NOT LIKE SEAFOOD.

So many other conferences have this fascination of including lunch. I hate this. Choices are limited. Whenever I go to another city for a conference, I want to explore the local food culture of that city or country. It’s not about lowering ticket prices. It’s about MY choice. I am ok with coffee in the morning.

  • If I was attending a conference in Belgrade, I would get Ćepavi.
  • If I was attending a conference in Chicago, I would get a Deep Dish Pizza.
  • If I was attending a conference in Kyiv, I would get Varenyky (Pierogis).
  • If I was attending a conference in LimaPeru, I would get Anticuchos, and if you like seafood, something I don’t like, you would get Ceviche.
  • If I was attending a conference in Pécs, I’d get some Gulyás.
  • If I was attending a conference in YerevanArmenia, I’d get Khorovat.

I am not going to look for a McDonald’s to eat when I am in Lima or other cities mentioned above. Hold conferences in locations that I have a variety of choices.

Web Accessibility by Jordan Quintal – I have been trying to make all my websites more accessible, this one is of a refresher course, a different perspective. Disclosure: Jordan Quintal and I went to the same program at Seneca College.

Little Things Make a Difference by Michelle Ames – The topic in this session that interest me is custom 404 pages.

Tips to Shield Your WP Site by Rodrigo Donini – I am going to be honest, I need to beef up my security. Rodrigo has some experience, the more different points of view, the better.

Scavenger Hunt – This is something new. I don’t know if I would do it as I need some rest from spending a day at WordCamp Toronto, sort of like a quick boost/recharge for the After Party.

After Party – I tend to not stay throughout the night, usually I have to be back on the next day for that second day. To answer your question: Why is the AFTER Party not AFTER WordCamp?, Answer: People have to go to work on Monday. Do you really think it’s good to be with a hangover at work the next day? Many attendees have to drive, catch a flight or train to go home.

Intro to WordPress Security by Christina Varro – Again, it is always good to keep up to date with security for your website.

Mobile Friendly WordPress by Sam Lalonde – I struggle a lot with Mobile Friendliness for all my websites.

Lunch – I am going to look for something different than yesterday’s lunch.

Community with Human Voice by Andrea Middleton – The whole Human Voice/Connection and Community fascinates me. Andrea Middleton works for Automattic.

Future of WordPress in Toronto by Conrad Hall – I am going to be very honest here. I haven’t been a good WordPress community member for the past few years. Outside WordCamp Toronto, I have not attended that many WordPress related events. I live in Scarborough so the WPToronto events in Metro Hall are sort of far for me. I finally attended a WPToronto East at Kobayashi Online HQ. It’s on the subway line.

Future of WordPress in Toronto by Conrad Hall – See 14:30 slot

Closing remarks – Wapuu Drawing contest winner by Conrad Hall – You all have the privilege of the possibility of winning this contest, I am not entering. I should hire someone to draw me a Wapuu for me.

So there you have it. This would be my schedule if I was going to WordCamp Toronto 2017 as a regular attendee.

If you get lost in the building, need help getting to your hotel, where to go charge your phone or anything about the WCTO, feel free to tweet me at @miroslavglavic or ask one of the other great volunteers.

Overall I am happy with the schedule