I provide the content on this site and it’s social media accounts for free to the viewers.

Things like servers, video cameras, domains among other things cost money. Whenever I write a review on an product or service, I will include a link to where you can purchase that product or service. That link will include an affiliate link.

The product or service will cost you the same as if I were to include a regular non-affiliate link. However I will get certain commission. The percentage of that commission depends on the product or service.

If a link has mgurl.top/ in front of it then it is an affiliate link.

I do in fact accept products, however, just because I received a product for free, it does not mean that the review will be positive.

All reviews are the honest truth and written after I tested out the product or service.

At no time will the fact that I was provided with a product, will that affect the review. No guarantee that I will provide a positive review.

If I like the product then I will insert a mgurl.top affiliated link.

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