Miroslav Glavić

My PodCamp Toronto 2018 Schedule

So two out of five of my sessions that I proposed made it into the final schedule. I am happy. So two hours are guaranteed of my time. What will I do with the rest? Well…here we go Saturday February 24, 2018 08:00 – Registration 09:00 – Orientation 10:00 The Art of the Disruptive Conversation 11:00 Podcasting As Audiojournaling 12:00 Multi Camera Live Streaming Tips and Tricks 13:00 Lunch 14:00

Why I am against free domains with hosting.

Disclosure: I run I Want To Host Your Website. I know that there are so many hosting companies offering a free domain with their hosting packages. I do not offer that at I Want To Host Your Website whatsoever. I will NEVER offer a free domain. Want to know why? First of all…a lot of those other companies will offer you a free domain but only for the first year.