Hello, my name is Miroslav Glavić. How are you? This is my about me page. I am supposed to impress you with my wonderful skills and talent about me. I seriously hate these pages but I sort of have to. Well…you know my name obviously. I could easily make this page a huge bullet points thing but that wouldn’t be something nice to read.

So let’s start with

  • My name: Miroslav Glavić.
    • The ć makes a ch sound like lunch or chat.
  • My age: 39
  • Where I am from: Toronto, Canada.
    • My family comes from two different continents.
      • My paternal family comes from Croatia
      • My maternal family comes from Perú.
    • I usually say I am Canadian, after that then I say Croatian. I rarely say (or even mention) my Peruvian side due to the fact that I get a lot of how are you Peruvian when you have a Eastern European name?. I use my Canadian Passport everywhere as it gives me more visa-free flexibility comparing to my Croatian and Peruvian passports. However, with Croatia being part of the European Union and as soon becomes part of the Schengen Area, I’ll be able to do use the short line (EU Passport holders line) when entering 28 countries which make up the EU.

  • Languages:
    • English
      • This is my main language of communication
    • Spanish
      • This is one of my other mother tongues
    • Croatian
      • I am a wee bit rusty on my Croatian
  • Current Job:
    • Digital Media Broadcast
      • I essentially broadcast media online.

  • Music:
    • Favourite: Techno
    • Least Favourite: Country & boy-bands
  • Food:
    • Croatian:
      •  Ćevapčići
        • All the accented C’s are pronounced ch.
    • Peruvian:
      • Pollo a la Brasa
    • Spicy food. I seriously love things spicy.
  • Favourite Song:
  • Political Views:
    • Slightly right of Centre Liberal
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