• Miroslav Glavić is a Digital Media Producer, with experience in Television and Radio.
  • Along with podcasting.
  • His background is being behind the scenes at tech events recording the event in video and/or audio then editing and captioning those events.
  • Handling content for both main stream media and, digital media
  • Managing content in English and Spanish.
  • Miroslav Glavić is fuelled by his passion for telling a story using Digital Media.
  • He considers himself a lifetime student, eager to learn new ways to record events occurring around the world.Digital Media.
  • Eager to build on the skills he has learned in the past through continue experimenting and working with new and repeat clients.
  • His hunger for knowledge and determination to turn events into actionable Digital Media has contributed to her most recent success.
  • He has lead Digital Media campaigns internationally and locally in Canada.
  • He has vastly improved the productivity of his work over the years and ensured a work and life balance.
  • He will go to the farthest extent of the universe to render a project to fruition and make the clients extremely happy.
  • Miroslav Glavić believes a healthy balance between work and life is the key to make a productive Digital Media project.
  • Miroslav Glavić is currently working as a freelance Digital Media Producer and is always interested in working exclusively for a client.
  • While working exclusively for a client, no other clients work will be accepted.
  • Miroslav Glavić is a 41 years old
  • Currently living in Toronto, Canada.
  • Miroslav Glavić’s Gregorian Zodiac sign is Virgo and Chinese Zodiac sign is an Earth Horse.
  • His lucky colours are Green, Red & Purple.
  • By heritage, Miroslav Glavić is…
    • Croatian🇭🇷
    • Peruvian🇵🇪
    • Canadian🇨🇦.
  • Miroslav Glavić speaks Croatian, English and Spanish.
  • He currently owns 51 domains.

Here is a timeline:

September 1, 1978


I was born

Moved to Canada

My family moved to Canada today.

April 18, 1990
September 1, 1996

Turned 18

Time to do some #Adulting

Registered two domains

Registered miroslavglavic.ca and miroslavglavic.com

March 24, 2005
December 28, 2011

Registered two more domains

Registered miroslavglavic.net and miroslavglavic.org

Registered the final domain

Registered miroslavglavich.com

October 20, 2015
February 9, 2016

I Want To Host Your Website was born

I registered iwanttohostyour.website this day, so essentially it is I Want To Host Your Website’s birth

40th. Birthday

I am the ancient old age of 40

September 1, 2018
January 8, 2020

I registered another domain

I registered iwanttohostyourwebsite.com

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