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Welcome to my home on the internet. My name is Miroslav Glavić.

When you see ć, it is pronounced CH, as in, I am having a chat with you. So here it goes, some information about me then what service I can provide you.

I am a 40 year old currently living in Toronto, Canada. Yes, the land of beavers and poutine. Don’t ever try to put a beaver in a poutine. Also…Don’t ever feed poutine to a beaver, you will clean the Caca de castor1.

My family comes two countries…Croatia and Perú. When People ask me what I consider myself…I usually say Canadian. After that I say Croatian. I rarely say Peruvian. It’s not because I am ashamed. It’s because of two reasons…

Am I Peruvian-Croatian-Canadian? Croatian-Peruvian-Canadian? any other combination? As you noticed I have a slavic name. My name derives from the Slavic element miru which means peace and slava which means glory.

Most people think I am Russian or Serbian. Most people that guess my Latino side are Latino themselves. They think I am Colombian or Ecuadorian.

I get all the time, how can you be Latino when you have a Russian name? My usual answer is: Excuuuuuse because my last name is not García, Hernández, López, Martínez or Rodríguez.

I consider Dubrovnik2 and Lima3 my homes as well. The cities of Cusco4, Split5 and Zagreb6 have a huge importance in my life as well.

I work as a Digital Media Broadcaster 7. I worked in Radio and Television for many years. I left Main Stream Media due to many reasons I won’t mention here.

My Blog is My Unusual Life.

Services I can provide for you:

  • Write articles about technology and politics
  • Video Editing8
  • Captioning Videos9
  • Webhosting
  • Domain Registration10
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media Management11